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The high -quality insulation materials and insulation components are widely used in small low -voltage motors, high -voltage motors, generators, electronics, dry transformers, liquid immersion transformers, stationery/home furnishings, etc., which can effectively improve product tolerance to tolerance And product quality, at the same time, can effectively reduce production costs.

About Us

Customers are the fundamental of enterprises, quality is the life of the enterprise, and innovation is the driving force of the enterprise. We are committed to creating a southeast insulation material base.

Zhejiang Ligao Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It covers an area of 9,000 square meter standardized plant. It has an annual -produced insulation paper composite material production flow line and a dozen composite materials divided into equipment. , Red Steel paper -cutting equipment and molding equipment can provide customers with a solution for various insulating materials to customers to meet customers' deeper needs for insulating materials!

The company's current main products:

B -level composite insulation material (6630dmd, 6520pm, 93316pmp)

F-Class composite insulation material (6641F-DMD)

H.C -level insulation composite material (6640NMN, 6650NHN, 6652NH)

Automatic groove wedge paper (red steel paper, green steel paper, white steel paper, black steel paper)

High -temperature polyclic film (automatic card paper machine)

Customers are the fundamental of enterprises, quality is the life of the enterprise, and innovation is the driving force of the enterprise. With the perseverance of Yugong Yishan, we work with the Spring mud to carefully build the southeast insulation material base.

Corporate Declaration: Our self -confidence comes from the satisfaction of customers!

Corporate belief: self -confidence comes from strength, successful quality opening, service establishment brand brand

Corporate value: honesty, mutual trust, respect, responsibility

Quality strategy: keep improving for progress and never stop sharing the future

Ligo Insulation focuses on the global electrical and electronics industry, and is the leading manufacturer of insulation and protection materials.

Ligao insulation has rich product lines, including flexible electrical insulation materials, electronic protection materials, special industrial coatings, lacquer lacquer paint, impregnated resin and varnish, etc., and a series of tools and complex materials.



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